237Application Forms

Application forms may be had from the Adviser at the following address

The Adviser

The Lord Mayor’s 800th Anniversary Awards Trust

St Margaret’s Church


London EC2R 7HH

or by e-mail from:

Applicant will be required to:-

Complete a questionnaire about the Mayoralty of the City of London.

 Nominate a Monitor:

This should be a Head Teacher, Project Organiser, Tutor or similar individual. who knows the applicant. is conversant with the project and the fundraising programme and will ensure that a report is written on completion of the project.

(Guidance for Monitors is included with the Application forms.)

Demonstrate that they have a fundraising programme to raise the balance of funds required to complete the project.

Write a short report on their project and submit it to the Adviser within three weeks of completing the project. The report should be no more than 750 words. preferably typed and covering no more than two A4 pages.

Dates tor Application

The Trustees consider applications twice a year:

April (for projects starting between May and December); application forms should be received by the Adviser no later than 28 February.

November (for projects starting between December and May); application forms should be received by the Adviser by 30 September.

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